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Electrostatic gun
Release date: 2021-4-3 10:58:40

Powder spraying equipment in key spraying equipment: electrostatic powder spray gun, its main principle is the use of high-voltage electrostatic generator produces a negative electrostatic spray gun head magnetic field around air ionization, which powder can be adsorbed onto the workpiece to be coated with the anode, which directly determines the work piece coating quality, is to determine the key factors the level of technology. Electrostatic powder spray gun gun, usually a high voltage generator, composed of powder delivery system and control system etc.. On the right is a kind of dense phase technology, equipped with a complete control system of electrostatic spray gun. Because of the electrostatic spraying operation, electrostatic spraying gun is mainly responsible for the production of electric field, powder transfer, powder spraying and other major powder spraying process. The traditional powder delivery using the Venturi physical principle, the Venturi principle is in high speed air driven into the pipe to spray powder powder, so in addition to the electrostatic properties of outside air dynamics also plays a very important role in electrostatic powder spraying gun. In the electrostatic spray gun technology, in addition to the use of Venturi transfer, also can use HDLV technology, the so-called HDLV is High-Density Powder, Low-Velocity Air meaning, can be translated into high density powder, low air velocity, powder conveying is this sense of dense phase conveying, after reducing the flow rate of powder, to form a soft mist powder more easily and effectively overcome the Faraday cage phenomenon, thus the adsorption to the desired spray on the workpiece. Because the powder flow rate decreased, electrostatic powder spray gun within the pipe liner directly contact with the powder components will greatly reduce the loss rate at the same time, this form of electrostatic powder spray gun due to the transport technology of HDLV, makes the powder conveying pipe diameter is only the traditional pipe (12.7mm diameter) of the half, efficiency is doubled rose. The technology of electrostatic spray gun has been improved continuously, and some advanced principles have been used in the equipment, which makes the technology of powder gun continuously improve, and constantly improve the effect of powder spraying.

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