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Shenzhen Dber Spray Gun Co., Ltd. Had been founded in 2005. Within more than ten years in the past, we had continued to have innovation, steady growth and rapid development closely keeping pace with those of Shenzhen. We are fully engaged in the development of coating industry. Nowadays Shenzhen Dber Spray Gun Co., Ltd. Has been played a leading role in the coating industry with a number of patented products through R & D efforts worked out having cutting-edge technology in the industry. Our products have been widely used in many industrial sectors such as building material, TV, automobile, die-casting, sheet metal and so on which are well received at home and abroad. Our company with sophisticated technology and professional human-oriented design makes Dber spray gun not only in the appearance with more flexibility and state- of- the-art technology, but also in the quality with greater improvement. With the development by leaps and bounds of the coating industry, improved coating quality has been the target set for companies in the industry to become stronger and stronger while Shenzhen Dber Spray Gun Co., Ltd. Has successfully made solutions to three difficult issues in the industry already such as metal powder coating, groove parts coating and re-coat parts coating. Tailor-made products with different performance can also be arranged in accordance with different requirements of customers. Qualified product is only the starting point of Dber′s vision, the product with zero defect is our ultimate pursuit. If you are the one in search of excellence for the product with zero defect, then Dber spray gun is the right choice for you and as a result, it is for sure that your surface treatment will be much better!

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We always insist: hold the heart of the craftsman, control every production link with critical vision and demanding requirements, do every product with professional technology and serious attitude, and win a good reputation with outstanding quality!

Make pragmatic struggle a habit, lead development with exploration and innovation, move the world with the spirit of craftsmanship, and establish a brand with core technology

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