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Shenzhen Dber Spray Gun Co., Ltd.

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Focus on spray gun, independent R & D, core technology

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01Dber Strength Advantage

  • Focus on spray gun
  • Independent R & D
  • Core technology

Shenzhen Dber Spray Gun Co., Ltd.

After ten years of continuous innovation, experience and growth, it has now transformed into a leader in the coating industry, has continuously developed a series of patented products, and has fully mastered the key core technologies, and has been successfully widely used; aluminum profiles, aluminum doors and windows, Precision spraying of metal parts such as communication industry, auto parts, aviation parts, high-speed rail parts, household appliances, building materials, various sheet metal parts, die-casting parts, radiators, etc.

02Solve the three major problems of spraying

  • 1.Metal powder easy coating
  • 2.Groove parts no leakage
  • 3.Re-spraying parts smooth

Professional team

Professional people do professional things. We not only have a professional R&D and production team, but also a professional after-sales team. We have more than 10 offices across the country, and we guarantee that it will arrive within 48 hours. Provide customers with first-class service.

03Personalized high-end customization

  • According to the different needs of customer artifacts
  • High-end customization solves various spraying problems for customers

Quality as gold, trustworthy

Since its establishment in 2005, Dber has its business all over the world. Serving more than 30 industries, providing international leading coating products and coating technology comprehensive solutions for 1,000 customers/p>

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Shenzhen Dber Spray Gun Co., Ltd. Had been founded in 2005. Within more than ten years in the past, we had continued to have innovation, steady growth and rapid development closely keeping pace with those of Shenzhen. We are fully engaged in the development of coating industry. Nowadays Shenzhen Dber Spray Gun Co., Ltd. ......

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